Coach Alex Arslan is a USA Track and Field Level 1 certified coach. He started off his athletic career as a soccer player. After falling just short of playing professionally he began running, and within his first few months saw a marked improvement. 

At the start of college Coach Arslan joined the Hunter College Cross Country and Track & Field teams. In his very first season he lead the team to a cross-country championship. Since then Coach Arslan has accomplished a number of impressive personal bests, including a half-marathon time of 1:08.05 in 2015. His long term goal is to run a half-marathon under 65 minutes and to run a marathon under 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Coach Arslan currently works for Mizuno as their running brand specialist in the Midwest, he oversees Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. He is also pursuing a future in water conservation and management. Coach Arslan has created training plans for The Dashing Whippets, a New York City based running club, and the Queens College Cross Country team. 

With respect to his training philosophy he considers himself a student of Renato Canova, as he believes in a long term approach to developing athletes with a specific approach to the goal races. Coach Arslan has enjoyed the privilege of training under former Olympian Dylan Wykes, whose training philosophies have had a major impact on his success as an athlete and coach.

Availaible in Chicago, IL upon request.

Private Sessions:

Chicago, IL


1 mile: 4:25.7 (2016)

3000 meters: 8:49 (2016)

5000 meters: 15:00 (2015)

Road 5k: 15:19 (2015)

Road 4m: 19:43 (2016)

Road 8k: 25:03 (2015)

Road 10k: 31:59 (2015)

Half Marathon: 68:05 (2015)

Personal Bests:

Alex Arslan Running Coach Hunter College

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