Availaible in Brisbane upon request.

Private Sessions:

Brisbane, Australia


Marathon: 2:53:23

Half Marathon: 1:23:34

10k: 38:57

Ironman: 13:01:11

Ironman 70.3: 5:20:07

Personal Bests:

Coach Munro is a lifestyle-athlete and a running coach based in Brisbane, Australia. He is certified by the Athletics Australia as a Level 3 Middle and Long Distance Running Coach. 

Coach Munro is also a qualified Personal Trainer and Sportsmind Coach. He specializes in helping athletes achieve ‘breakthrough’ races, whether it be their first time at a new distance, or a personal record time. Coach Munro has paced athletes, side-by-side, in distances as long as the marathon. 

He currently enjoys a cross-training regimen of running, swimming, cycling, strength training, yoga, and an occasional obstacle course. Coach Munro volunteers with Achilles International as a guide for athletes with disabilities for running and the para-triathlon.

Coach Stuart Munro

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