50,000 Meter Trail Ultramarathon: 4:55:46

6 Hour Timed Trail Race: Completed 42 miles.

50 Mile Trail Ultramarathon: Completed.

12 Hour Timed Race: Completed 64.2 miles.

Availaible in Portland area upon request.

Private Sessions:

Portland, Oregon


Personal Bests:

Wilfredo Benitez running coach

Coach Wilfredo Benitez

Coach Wilfredo Benitez is a USATF Level I Certified coach. He coaches track & field at De La Salle North Catholic High School in Portland, OR, where he primarily trains the distance and mid-distance runners on the team, but also provides guidance for other areas. He was a sprinter and soccer player in high school and during college he progressed to running 5ks and 10ks on the Garden State Track Club in New Jersey.

Coach Benitez races distances ranging from 5000 meters to 100,000 meters and trains year-round. He has qualified for Boston Marathon twice and finished second place in the 6 hour timed race at the Montour 24 trail running event.

As a nutritionist with a Master’s degree in nutrition, Coach Benitez has adopted a coaching philosophy that is holistic in nature. He believes that a person’s work situation, nutrition, sleep, hygiene, and ability to manage stress are all related to their training and running goals. Accordingly, he coaches with a person’s whole story in mind, not just their experience and goals with running.

Coach Benitez writes for various magazines and his own blog, "Eat, Run, and Done." He also teaches whole foods, plant-based nutrition and cooking classes.

200 meters: 23.4s

400 meters: 53.2s 

5000 meters: 17:04

10,000 meters: 37:21

Half Marathon: 1:23:47

Marathon: 3:01:20

Building Your Fire

One of my favorite short stories of all time is by Jack London. In the story, called “To Build a Fire,” the main character gets lost in the Yukon in the middle of winter. Night falls, and with temperatures dipping to -75 degrees F it becomes startlingly clear that he’s in trouble. He’s down to just three matches, and his only chance of survival is to successfully build a fire [...]

A Coach's Account of Once a Runner

As far as running literature goes, John L. Parker, Jr.’s 1978 novel, Once a Runner, is a book that has had an influence on runners everywhere, with a history and publication that has become legendary. Self-published by Parker and sold out of the trunk of his car at track meets, the book eventually went through 10 printings and over 100,000 copies sold [...]

Slowing Down

The "I" in Team

Nothing quite feels like moving forward through space at a fast clip. Your body has suddenly become a force of nature. Squirrels scatter across the road at your approaching footsteps. Leaves flutter into the air and cars come to a screeching halt as you fly past them. Running fast can be fun, but it can also make you lose sight of a critical aspect of training: slowing down [...]

Coach Plummer's Articles

My first 26.2 was the Philadelphia Marathon in 2010. At the time, I had only run one half-marathon and had no interest in running any longer, much less twice that distance. “Why would anyone want to do that to themselves?” I asked my marathoner friend whose race stories were colorful and deep enough to leave [...]


Have you ever worked out to the point where you feel a slight burning sensation in your arms or legs? Well, that sensation results from an increase in lactic acid production. When your body doesn't get a sufficient amount of oxygen to power your muscles, lactic acid starts to build up in an effort to do so.

Lactic Acid


Life is a balancing act and the same should be said for living a healthy lifestyle. Eat, Run, and Done is a blog where I discuss and figure out the best approach for the healthy lifestyle I'd like to live. In it, you'll read a lot about why I include certain foods in my diet and exclude others, how certain foods’ properties can help you be a healthier runner, and other topics specific to running, training, recovery, and wellness.

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