APRIL 30TH 2017




Q: What motivated you to run 4 marathons and a 110k ultra in 2 months?

A: Because I was planning on running across Ireland and the logistics of that didn't end up working out I wanted to do something that would really challenge me and I feel like these races will succeed in doing that.

Q: Do you have any concerns going into these races?

A: My main concern is my nutrition and making sure I keep my body healthy and injury free.

Q: How has your training been so far? 

A: My training has had a lot of ups and downs. There are weeks where I feel really strong and others where finding the motivation to train is quite difficult. I wouldn't say there aren't any negatives about training, and the positives are that I'm consistently seeing improvements, which has been pretty awesome. 

Q: What drives you to run?

A: Running for me is a way to see a new place and explore. It is also a way for me to see what my body is capable of and push those limits.

Stay tuned for future posts about Alex’s two month racing season!


Q: What races are you set to run?
A: I’m running the Limerick Marathon on April 30th, the Belfast Marathon on May 1st, the Copenhagen Marathon on May 21st, the Faroe Islands Marathon on June 3rd, and the Wall Ultra Marathon on June 17th.  

Q:  Why did you choose these races?

A: I chose the Faroe Islands Marathon, because it always looked like an amazing race, but the timing never worked out until this year. I jumped at the chance to do it before moving again.The Copenhagen marathon I chose, because Copenhagen is an amazing city, and the marathon there is pretty flat. Also, the city has really good food for when I'm done running.The two marathons in Ireland I chose, because I wanted to travel around Ireland before I moved out of Dublin, and the best way to see a city is to run around it for 26.2 miles. And I chose the ultramarathon, because I was supposed to do it last year, but instead I chose to I defer the race to this year, because I didn't feel I was strong enough to do it one month after racing my first 100km ultra marathon last year.


Today Educated Running athlete Alex Baez, who trains under Coach Patrick Hammond, embarks on a personal journey to race four marathons and one 110k ultra marathon in under two months.


Coach Patrick Hammond

Coach Patrick Hammond earned his Masters Degree in Sports and Performance Psychology from the University of the Rockies. He is a USA Track and Field Level 1 certified coach. He cofounded Educated Running with the intention of helping runners reach their full potential, and learn about their sport.


Alex currently lives in Ireland, and his races will take place throughout Ireland and Denmark. Follow Alex on his journey in our upcoming series of Questions & Answers led by Coach Hammond. The first episode of the series is below.

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