• All team practice sessions and competitions during the fall season are mandatory. During the winter and summer there are no official team practices or competitions, but everyone is expected to run the schedule posted on our web page. In the spring we follow a more flexible schedule, where only some practices and competitions are mandatory. Below are some examples of what a week of practice looks like in each respective season. These examples are only meant to serve as a guide and are subject to change. Your team captains will always be in touch about any changes to our typical team schedule. Finally, team practices, competitions, and your training calendar will always correspond with the Jewish calendar.

Fall (September - November)

  • Team practices from Monday to Thursday are mandatory. On Mondays and Thursdays, practice begins at 6:30 AM. Please meet at Rubin Hall. Mondays are long run days and you will start  and end your run on campus. Thursdays is a 'workout day' and you will usually run from campus to the Joseph Yancey Track and Field, Fort Tryon Park, or along the Hudson River. On Wednesdays the team mandatory practice is begins at 7:15 AM and it takes place on campus (usually the YU gym). During this morning session you will work on strength, core, flexibility, agility, and other aspects of your fitness through various exercises, excluding running. On Tuesdays practice takes place at Van Cortlandt Park. A shuttle bus will leave YU campus to arrive at the park by 6:00 AM.

  • One to two times a week, usually on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, you have a 'workout day.' While all of your runs are technically workouts, but 'workout' is a good shorthand for harder, as opposed to easier, workouts). These workouts are particularly important for you to attend, because they are intended to be challenging and it’s easier to push yourself when running with team members.

Winter (December - January)

  • No official team practices, but you should follow the training calendar on your own. Do your best to meet with other teammates based on availability.

Spring (February - May)

  • Only one team practice a week (a day on which we will run a workout) is mandatory. Workouts usually take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and athletes meet outside of Rubin at 6:30 AM unless announced otherwise. Coaches and captains will take attendance to make note of who is present or absent.

  • Each athlete must sign up for a minimum of two races. In the Spring we follow a flexible schedule, where every athlete selects a distance at which they’d like to train (from 800m run to the half marathon). The goal you run is up to you, but your coaches are happy to make recommendations.

  • Once you’ve decided what distance you want to train at, you should sign up for local competitions. We will provide you with options that you can sign up for, but it’s up to you to register and (at times even pay) for races. Y.U. has strict rules about not being able to pay for race entries that are part of charity funds. Unfortunately this means that for races that raise money for a cause (i.e. charity races), athletes must pay out of pocket. This doesn’t mean that you have to pay for every race. Indeed, we will be sure to recommend races that YU can cover.

Summer (June - August)

  • No team practice, but we expect you to run. If you don’t train over the summer, it’s incredibly difficult to have a successful cross country season. Since we don’t have facetime over the summer, communication is particularly important. Reach out to us as much as possible.


  • Tryouts: team tryouts are held twice a year, once in early September and again in mid February. All athletes must tryout for the team, whether or not they already made the team in a prior season. Usually tryouts take shape in the form of a 2 mile time trial. We will decide on a case-by-case basis whether someone has made the team and will always explain our reasoning as to why or why not.

  • Practice: if you are absent (without excuse) for more than four required practices, then you are considered on probation and may lose eligibility to be on the team. An athlete who is on probation is not eligible to compete at official team events.


  • Communication with your coaches and captains is key to your success as a runner. This is how we build trust and how we tailor your training to your specific needs. We encourage you to contact us directly via phone or email as frequently as you like. All of your questions and comments are important to us.

  • At the end of each week every athlete is required to submit a brief summary of their training. These summaries are meants to help us track your progress and keep you accountable. Be honest in what you report. It’s OK to miss a workout for good reasons. We can always change course and adjust your training.

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