800 meters: 1:49

1000 meters: 2:21

Availaible in NYC upon request.

Private Sessions:

Brooklyn, NY


1 mile: 3:56

1500 meters: 3:38

3000 meters: 7:56

Personal Bests:

As a former professional runner, Coach van Ingen has trained under some of the NCAA’s and world’s finest coaches including Annette Acuff, Vin Lananna, and Mark Rowland. He is a four time first team Division 1 All American, and a 2012 Olympic Trials Qualifier. He takes a holistic approach to training and believes that it is not the person who trains the hardest who wins, but the person who trains the most intelligently. Coach van Ingen makes his training decisions based on big picture goals, not short term gains.

Coach van Ingen is also a photographer and filmmaker. He created and starred in The Real Maine.

Coach Erik van Ingen

The Real Maine movie is the debut documentary by filmmaker Erik van Ingen. Inspired by John L. Parker's novel "Once A Runner" van Ingen approached fellow Five Star Cross Country Camp counselors Kyle Merber and Chris Derrick in August 2010.

Van Ingen proposed a summer of training in solitude. In April of 2011 action was put behind these words. The group had inquired Riley Masters about Maine as a potential training destination. Almost immediately Masters was added to the group. Merber invited fellow teammate Mark Feigen who was fresh off of a breakthrough season to join the group [...]

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