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Coach Oliver Lopez

Coach Oliver Lopez is a Registered Dietician-Nutritionist who provides our runners with Nutrition Counseling. He is also Certified Personal Trainer. 

Coach Lopez earned a Masters Degree in nutrition and food science at Hunter College, where he also participated in Track & Field and Wrestling. In 2014 he earned All-American honors at the FILA Greco-Roman wrestling championships. He currently trains for road races and obstacle courses.

Coach Lopez works at the Dodge YMCA in Brooklyn as a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, and Dietician-Nutritionist. He frequently works with endurance and power athletes, and has helped athletes of all levels establish better eating patterns.

Coach Lopez follows a "food first" approach to optimizing health and wellness, but also believes that dietary aids can assist an athlete in recovery and performance when used effectively, and safely.

During my dietetic internship, which consisted of 1200+ hours of interning with various organizations to gain practical experience in the nutrition field, I came across an interesting article about the pros and cons of Bulletproof Coffee titled, “Is Adding Butter to Your Coffee Actually Good For You?” The article touted the benefits of putting butter in your coffee, such as [...]

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