The final step is to begin the learning process! Please kindly read our training principles below. It should take you no more than two minutes to complete, and will help you start your training on the right foot (pun intended).

Trust your coach. Our coaches are not only dedicated to teaching you about the sport of running, they are also devoted students of it. As such, you should be certain that your coach will study the sport of running to make sure they write workouts appropriate to your specific needs. If you don't understand the purpose of a workout, we encourage you to ask your coach questions. They will be happy to explain. 

Communication is key. The more you communicate with your coach, the better. We encourage you to contact your coach via email, text, phone, etc., as frequently as you like. All of your questions and comments are important.

Routine, routine, routine. Without routine, your fitness will not increase. Your coach will provide you with a very detailed schedule; the closer you stick to it, the more likely you are to progress as a runner. That being said, it is acceptable to miss workouts for appropriate reasons. If you do, though, please notify your coach. Remember communication is key.

The little things matter. Sleep and eat well, hydrate frequently, warm up and cool down properly, and stretch regularly. Running is a sport of accumulation, so if you don't do the little things for a long time your chances of suffering an injury will progressively increase.

Have fun! Never lose sight of this. Your training will challenge your physical limits. It may not always be easy or fun, but your general impression of running should be one of enjoyment. If at any point this is not the case, then please let your coach know, and they will re-access your training.

We will soon be in touch about the next steps in your training. In the meantime, happy running!

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