JULY 6TH 2015



Through self reflection I ask myself questions like, “Would you rather train to run a Boston Marathon qualifying time or would you rather participate in a variety of events? Which will lead to greater satisfaction and fulfillment?” I’ve personally achieved some big milestones and my focus now is on enjoyment and encouraging others, but my training still involves healthy nutrition, regular training, and a focus on mindset and balance. 

My wife and I have entered a range of events for 2015. Some like the NYC Marathon and Five Boro Bike Tour are iconic, and others are simply based on locations we’d like to visit. The range of events we have entered provide a variety of training requirements, which keep us fresh and challenged. 

"We enter to participate, and not to race, so that we can recover and stay fresh and healthy."

One of our main events for the year is the 2015 Transrockies Run. The event takes place over 6 days and comprises of 120 miles of trail running at altitude, and 20,000 feet of gain. We have no competitive aspirations for the event, our goal is to have an adventure in an awesome location. The event is fully supported, so we can focus on enjoying the scenery and self-management as we make our way through what will be a challenging course. 

My journey as a lifestyle athlete will continue, no doubt with some flexibility, challenge, and change. One thing’s for sure, I plan to enjoy the adventure


Coach Stuart Munro

Coach Munro is a lifestyle-athlete and a running coach based in Brisbane, Australia. He is certified by the Athletics Australia as a Level 3 Middle and Long Distance Running Coach.

People often ask me “What are you training for”? The more I think about it, the more I’m inclined I am to say that I train to be a lifestyle athlete. A lifestyle athlete is one who incorporates fitness into his or her everyday life. So how do you train for life? 

Training for life requires some self-reflection. Are you training to win, to compete, or to accomplish a personal best? Do you want to challenge yourself? Do you want to relieve stress, or is your training simply a journey to health and wellness? 

One of my favorite quotes is: 

"The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare. "

– Juma Ikangaa 

For those chasing a milestone event, the will to prepare is paramount. Earlier this year I wrote about how “Success Occurs When Opportunity Meets Preparation”. It is important in these times not to focus on sacrifices, but to focus on the daily choices that move you towards your goal. This includes the choice to do high intensity training sessions, or the more subtle choice of sleeping earlier, as well as the choice to train for stability, core strength, and flexibility. 

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