Our Staff Nutritionist and Registered Dietician Oliver Lopez can counsel you on what you should and shouldn't eat as an athlete. Through daily meal planning, Coach Lopez helps you develop recipes, grocery lists, pre and post workout meals, dining out options, and more to make you a happier and healthier athlete.

All athletes experience injury at some point. Despite a common misconception, most recovery requires active training, not complete rest. Our Head Coach and Recovery Specialist, Patrick Hammond, can provide you highly tailored Recovery Training. He will research your specific injury and give you workouts and advice accordingly.

$60 per month

$150 per month

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Meet in person, via video chat, or telephone with a coach qualified in Sports Psychology. You will learn exercises that will give you a mental edge when running.

Our coaches can meet with you in person for a Private Session given the appropriate vicinity and availability. They can pace you for a workout or race, or time your for a track session. They can also teach you, for example, proper running form, stretching, and breathing techniques. Private Sessions can focus on any area you feel needs attention.

A designated running coach will update your online-based running log on a bi-weekly basis. Your coach will provide you routine feedback, keep track of your goals, and of your mental and physical progress. You will have open contact with your coach, and we encourage you to communicate with them frequently. 

$100 per hour

$100 per hour

$100 per month

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