Happy Running,

Coach José Miranda

Welcome to your training page, ​Rosa​. This webpage is where I will post your workouts as well as helpful materials to read, videos to watch, important announcements, and more! Be sure to complete a training log after each workout as it will help me give you tailored feedback. You should also, always, reach out to me directly via email or text.

In the early weeks of your first training cycle I'd like you apply laser-focus to two goals:

  1. Exercise every day possible: early on in your training habit-formation is particularly important. The idea here is to form the habit of exercising every possible day. This way each day will count as a step in the direction of greater fitness. Keep in mind that running isn't the only form of exercise, stretching and other forms of recovery also count and are just as important.
  2. Determine your 'easy' pace: in order to individualize your training, I will need to determine your 'floor,' or baseline fitness. Pay special attention to your pace during your runs. 'EASY' runs should feel effortless. If you are struggling to breath or become sore during your runs it is a sign that you should slow down. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to comfortably hold a conversation during your run.


WORKOUTS WEEK OF 05/25 - 05/31

  • 7 min of warm up drills
  • 12-15 min run at an EASY pace
  • 10 min of stretches (1 min stretch, 30 sec rest; repeat; choose your own stretches)
  • 10 min of yoga or other form of cross training
  • 10 min of warm up stretches
  • 10 min of core exercises
  • 10 min of stretches

  • 10 min of warm up drills
  • 3 mile run at an EASY pace
  • 10 min of stretches (1 min stretch, 30 sec rest; repeat; choose your own stretches)






  • 30 min hard effort: cover as much ground as you can in 30 min; email me your total mileage
  • 10 min of stretches (do 2 sets of all eight stretches in this video for 30 secs at a time)

  • CORE EXERCISES are key to long-term, healthy running. I plan to keep this aspect of your training simple: do any ten minute routine you find on YouTube. I'll be sure to share recommendations of videos that I find, but it would also be helpful if you did your own searches and shared the links of those videos with me when you find them. To start, check out,  Fleet Feet's '10-Minute Core Routine For Runners.'


  • 10 min of core exercises




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