Availaible in NYC upon request.

Private Sessions:

Brooklyn, New York


Marathon: 3:01:31

Half Marathon: 1:21:07

10 Mile: 60:33

10000 Meters: 36:49

5 Mile: 28:57

5000 meters: 17:40

Personal Bests:

Coach Jeff Latz began running as a way to stay active in college. Gradually, as it became harder and harder to beat his personal bests, he grew fascinated with training theory and exercise science. He takes a disciplined problem-solving approach to training clients, and usually suggests small but crucial enhancements to their existing training habits, rather than giving them an entirely unfamiliar program. He believes that every runner’s most important goal should be to ensure that they can continue to run for the rest of their life, and that enjoying the sport and investing in one’s long-term health are prerequisites for any athletic achievements or other fitness goals.

Coach Latz is a USA Track and Field Level 1 certified coach, and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He earned a B.S. in Engineering from Tufts University. He is also a senior software developer at PumpOne, where he builds and maintains several award-winning fitness apps for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, and the web.

Coach Jeff Latz

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