Train With Us

Because Educated Running is online-based running service, we can provide you with training from virtually anywhere, anytime.

What our training entails:

  • An individualized, daily workout schedule provided on a bi-weekly basis
  • A balance of hard and easy days to reach optimal running levels
  • Weekly information on pacing to ensure athletes are training smart
  • Assistance in making goals through process, outcome, mastery, and performance
  • A training template to record personal assessment of individual workouts
  • Weekly feedback on running logs to check on goal progression, mental and physical progress, and positive/negative change
  • Open contact with your designated coach
  • Mental training advice

Training with us:

Step 1: You provide us a brief history of your running experience, personal bests, and future goals by filling out the Runner Questionnaire.

Step 2: We figure out which of our coaches is best suited to meet your goals and needs, then that coach contacts you to discuss your training schedule, running diary, and how things in general will work.

Step 3: You submit a payment for “Online Training” in our Products Page.

Step 4: We begin your training.