Seven Reasons to Hire a Running Coach

Runners of all levels can benefit from hiring a running coach. Perhaps you have a new goal, feel that you can improve, need more information on your training, or are unsure of which training approach is best for you.

Here are seven reasons to hire a running coach:

1. Starting out, increasing distance or changing events

An experienced running coach can answer beginner questions and establish a plan for long term success. Runners who want to increase distance or change events, say from road to trail, can also benefit from a coach’s advice to train with specificity for their new goals.

2. Repeated injuries, form and technique

Runners who have experienced repeated or continuing injuries may have flaws in their technique, programming, or sustainability training. A qualified coach can assess these aspects and provide focused advice for improvement.

3. To get faster

Runners who want to improve often need to change their routine. A coach can program in the necessary changes in intensity and focus to generate desired outcomes. A diligent coach will monitor a runner’s progress and feedback, adapting as required for continued improvement.

4. Personalized Advice

Runners can be overwhelmed by the limitless amount of information, and template programs available, all of which claim to produce the “best” performance. A private running coach can assess an individual runner’s current status and tailor advice and training to an individual runner’s needs.

5. Accountability

When a runner commits to being accountable, this alone will often lead to improvements in their training and performance. An experienced coach can provide feedback, guidance, and support for a runner’s continued improvement.

6. Nutrition, cross-training, sustainability

A well-rounded coach can advise on the many non-running activities that can provide great benefits to a runner’s performance, including nutrition, cross training, balance and flexibility.

7. Mindset

A runner’s mindset has a significant impact on their performance. A coach with a focus on performance coaching or sports psychology can provide additional focus and mindset training for even greater performance improvements.

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